10 Winning Strategies From the Pros

Spot Styles of Play

Who's the hard hitting baseliner? Who's the counter puncher retriever? Is there an all-court net rusher? 

Spotting the opponent's style is the first step to devising patterns and controlling a match. If you can spot a pro's style of play, my bet is you'll be terrific at spotting your next opponent's style of play.

Spot Proactive Patterns

Pros don't simply react. They run one-two punch patterns. Can you spot them? Try to point out serving patterns, return patterns, rally or net rushing shot sequences.

Spot Secondary Shots

Pros don't just have a forehand, a backhand, a serve and a volley. They have a whole "tool belt" full of secondary shots and they know when to activate them. Can you spot a swing volley, a short angle/side door building shot?

Watch for Open versus Closed Stance Ground Strokes 

Call out "open" and "closed" when you spot a pro choose the appropriate stance. Understanding when and why you need them both is an important tool.

Chart Errors to Winners 

Having a great understanding of where your winners and errors are coming from, as well as your opponent's winners and errors could be the deciding factor if your next match goes into a tie breaker. 

Charting a pro will lead to comprehending the importance of limiting errors. Top professionals often generate five unforced errors a match and 30 winners.

Court Positioning Chart

Chart a pro's winning percentage while they stay behind the baseline versus their winning percentage while going inside the court. 

Often, juniors and even recreational players think they're better from behind the baseline. 

After charting a match, they find their winning percentage is actually better from inside the court. Watching tennis on TV can be a wonderful learning experience. It will secretly lead to improving your mental and emotional performance on the court.

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