Long Toss Drill for Pitchers

Long toss can often make-or-break a pitcher's ability to become a successful athlete.

Here's a long-toss drill from the Active.com softball community perfect for improving a young hurler's accuracy--while developing their overall arm strength.

How the Drill Works

I start off by having my pitchers throw 10 balls from approximately 20 feet. Then I have them move in ten-foot increments back until they are throwing from as far back as 60 feet.

Taking It Up a Notch

Once we have maxed out the "comfortable accurate distance" for the drill, I have them move to the rubber, and throw 20-50 hard pitches. (Start off with 75 percent effort, and then work up close to 100 percent.)

I find that combining the short and long distances works on two things at the same time: arm stength (speed) and accuracy. And this sets them up with great muscle memory to take their game to the next level.

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