Yogurt: possibly the perfect pre-run snack

The perfect pre-run snack is high in both carbohydrate and water, and fruit-flavored non-fat yogurt fits the description. Eat a small container 15 minutes to an hour before running.

Choosing tuna
Select tuna packed in water over tuna packed in oil. You'll save 14 grams of fat per 6 1/2-ounce can.

Walk off a cold
A brisk walk can help suppress the symptoms of a cold. Walking enhances circulation, which promotes recovery by moving white cells (an important component of the immune system) from the lungs to the nose.

Take care with skin cream
If you use petroleum jelly or cold cream to protect your face during a cold-weather run, you may be doing more harm than good. Studies show that the creams only make you feel warmer, and because you are less aware of the cold, they increase your risk of frostbite by three to five times over no protection at all.

Laugh for your heart
Your heart will be healthier if you have a sense of humor and a readiness to laugh, according to a recent study presented by the American Heart Association. Researchers don't know why laughter benefits the heart, although they do confirm that mental stress impairs the lining of blood vessels.

No set-point for weight
Losing weight does not affect your metabolism and cause you to regain the pounds, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. There is a metabolic change just after you lose weight, but your body quickly assumes a metabolic function similar to people who have never needed to drop a few pounds.

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