Indoor Circuit Workouts for Runners

Winter is here and it's time for holidays, parties and family gatherings. Motivation can dwindle during the winter months and the dark nights and cold weather can affect your ability to get in a good run.

This doesn't mean you need to abandon your fitness goals, with some minor adjustments you can stay on track during the winter. Changing your routine will not only energize you, but it can give you a mental break from your normal running schedule.

These 30-minute indoor workouts are perfect for the cold winter months and ideal for time-crunched athletes.

Use the following moves to customize your workout. Pick 3 to 5 moves; start with a full-body exercise, switch to an upper-body exercise, and then finish with a lower-body move. For an added challenge, use dumbbells, resistance bands or a medicine ball.

You can also throw in core exercises such as Russian twists, planks and TRX pikes/pendulums. Last, but not least, mix in some cardio like running or jumping rope. If you have access to a gym, use the stationary bike, treadmill, rower or battle ropes.

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