6 Tips to Survive Hot-Weather Running

The long, dog days of summer can get any runner down. But folks who live in climates with year-round high temps have figured out how to keep running in the heat even when the mercury continues to rise. Here are a few running tips to help you stay cool. 

Weather Smarts

Cely Smart, a blogger at www.runningoffthereeses.com, suggests keeping an eye on the weather a few days ahead of time.

"Study the weather and plan around it," Smart says. "There is nothing more unfortunate than having your hardest run fall on the hottest and most miserable day of the week."

If the upcoming forecast is filled with hot days, try to schedule the timing of your runs to avoid peak hot times. 

"I try my best to plan to run first thing in the morning. Living in Orlando, this still means I'm running in 85-degree weather in the summertime, but the sun, humidity and heat of the day are not out in full-force at 6 a.m.," says Julie Fagan, Florida runner and blogger at www.pbfingers.com.

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Heat, Humidity or Sun: Decide What Bothers You Most

Heat and humidity are just parts of the summer months, and sometimes they come full force for an intense combination.

Smart, who runs in coastal Texas, where 90-degree temps and 100-percent humidity is common, says it's up to you to decide which you can deal with.

"My biggest problem here is humidity, so the difference between 100 percent and 80 percent from morning to night can make a big difference," Smart says. "I think you have to pick which affects you more. I can run all day in a dry heat, but humidity significantly impacts my performance, therefore I choose a higher temperature over higher humidity."

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