5 Ways to Progress From Running Motivation to Implementation

A great number of us think about fitness, but a lot fewer take consistent steps toward achieving it. Starting a running plan takes momentum. That initial burst of energy and enthusiasm requires quite a bit of effort. No matter how many people remind you of the importance of health, the impetus for change must come from within. You, my friend, have to ignite the spark and act upon it—no one can do it for you.

How to Find Running Motivation

It's been said that change is only possible when it is preceded by discomfort. Have you had this experience? You finally get fed up with the way things are, a line is drawn in the sand, and you loudly proclaim to the world, "This is it! No more!"

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There is a moment when the frustration and pain feel so unmanageable that change is not only the best, but it is also the only option. Your mind is made up.

The decision to become fit once and for all is this line in the sand. Both quality and quantity of life are tremendously worthwhile goals. In our heads, we know this. We want to look and feel good. We want to decrease our risk of disease and add years to our lives. We know what must be done. Then what's holding us back? One word: habits.

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Choose a New Groove

Our lives are a culmination of the way we spend our days, hours and minutes. What we do day in and day out determines our course. Small habits repeated consistently produce tangible results, for good or ill.

We are faced with countless choices at every turn. Many of our habits are simply what we're used to doing (the status quo). The good news? You can change your habits just by making different choices on a very small scale, then repeating the process over and over.

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