Run Your Best Race: The Art of Peaking

Of course, your workouts throughout the training cycle should build to these types of specific sessions. Put another way, your workouts should always be becoming more race-specific as you get closer to your goal race. Don't jump into an interval workout of this intensity if you haven't already been building up to it. 

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Beyond Workouts: Peaking as Art

Any good running coach will tell you that peaking for an important race is about a lot more than just workouts. Anybody can follow a stock training plan, but those who hire a coach almost always perform better. That's because peaking is an art form. Tapering is about more than just your mileage and intensity. 

You can enhance your recovery during your taper weeks by following these suggestions: 

  • Take ice baths more frequently 
  • Get more sleep 
  • Go slower on your recovery runs 
  • Spend less time on your feet 

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how to taper

Running strides, 100-meter accelerations where you build to about 95 percent of your max speed, and gradually slow to a stop, 2 to 3 times per week can also help you feel sharp and perform at your best on race day. You can do them almost anywhere. Strides are best completed after a distance run, before a workout, and before your race. 

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