Race-Day Costume Ideas

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Running is supposed to be fun. It's a challenge, both physically and mentally, but the sense of accomplishment is the reasoning behind why it's fun. You put in a great deal of effort each week to maintain, or build, your mileage and speed. When you finally cross the finish line, you know all your hard work has paid off...and that's why running is fun. You set a goal, you seek to accomplish it—and voila, you do! It's fun.

MoreBring Fun Into Your Run—Wear a Costume

So, what else can you do to enhance your race-day experience? Why not spice up your race-day attire and dress in your alter ego. It's like Halloween year round.

Not to mention, everyone loves to see crazy costumes on the course. Spectators find it entertaining, runners on the course find it amusing, and it gives the race more personality.

MoreHow to Run in Wings

Not sure what to wear? Here are some race-day costume ideas that are easy to make and will be a big hit on the course.

Tutus and Boas

Tutus and boas are affordable and easy to purchase. They're simple to run in and come in various colors. Plus, you can still wear your favorite running shorts and shirt.

Super Heroes

Now's your time to shine; show off your favorite childhood superhero. Superhero costumes are pretty easy to make. For example, say you want to be Superman; find blue running tights, wear red running shorts over the tights, look for a yellow running belt (or just use a regular running belt), and wear a Superman shirt. For the cape, go to a fabric store and buy red fabric. You can still wear your favorite running shoes.

Rock Star

Dress up as KISS, Elvis, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga...any rock star. Similar to how you would dress to be a superhero, find running apparel that is the same color scheme as the costume of the rock star. Elvis is a very popular running costume. In fact, you can get a running jumpsuit made (http://www.elvisrun.com/). If you can't afford to buy an Elvis running jumpsuit, dress in all white, wear gold sunglasses, throw on a gold belt, and grab an inflatable guitar. People will get the idea.

'80s Attire

There's nothing more fun than wearing neon colors, off-the-shoulder shirts, MC Hammer pants, leg warmers and members only jacket. Find something ridiculous and flash back to the 80s.

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