Prevent Running Injuries for Life

Phase Four: Race

After you complete your goal race, your body needs to recover. Active rest through cross-training in the pool, hiking or biking with no running is crucial. This will allow your body to heal and prepare for the next build phase. Many injuries occur during this time because an athlete's "A race" went so well that he or she wants to keep the volume and intensity going to race again too soon.   

Regardless of your fitness level, if you prepare to train, build properly, and progress smartly and sequentially through your training phase, you will race well. Once you recover, you can restart the process and maintain a lifetime of health and fitness. 

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If you do suffer from an injury, evaluate your training and seek treatment with a qualified health care provider. If you follow these simple tips and progress smartly through these phases, you can develop into a smarter and better-trained athlete.  

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