How to Find Time and Money to Train for a Long-Distance Race

If you're a new runner dreaming of running a half marathon (or maybe even a full marathon), but you're concerned about the time or money commitment it takes, here are some tips that can help to ease fears.


Many new runners who want to increase their race distances are worried about how they will find the time to run enough miles to train properly for a half or full marathon. Yes, there is a time commitment that you will need to make, but it does not have to be excessive.

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Jeff Galloway's Run-Walk-Run plans are good training plans for time-crunched runners are . His minimum plan requires you to run two days a week for 30 minutes each and then one long run on the weekend. The long runs start at 3 miles and gradually increase to 14 or 26 miles depending on your goal. You can definitely find the time for this plan.

If you want something a little tougher, he also has a more advanced training plan that is recommended for previous half or full marathon finishers who want to set time goals. There are also plenty of other plans available online as well if Run-Walk-Run is not your cup of tea, including plans on Active Trainer.


Let's face it, although running gear is not as expensive as a top-notch bicycle, when you increase your distances there are some additional costs that creep in. Here are some tips for keeping the costs down.


For your first pair of running sneakers, you should be fitted by an expert at your local running store. After that, buy your sneakers online. Do a search for the exact pair you've been running in (assuming they work well for you) and look for a good price.

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Running Clothes

Do not buy a lot of running clothes to start. When you first start training, wear workout clothes that you already have in your closet. As you increase your distance, you will need some good fitting clothes to avoid chafing. These clothes do not have to be expensive. Check out online outlets or even try Walmart. Buy one set of these "higher end" running clothes first and run at least 10 miles in them to see how they fare before buying a second set. You want to know if they chafe before you spring for the second set. If you continue with the longer distances, you will find that some races will give you high quality running shirts and you can continue to look for bargains throughout the year.

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