8 Tips to Squeeze Your Runs in When You Travel

Find it hard to get your runs in when you travel? With a little advance planning, getting in those runs might be easier than you think. Below are eight tips to help you squeeze in the runs while on the road.

1. Check at the Front Desk

Staying at a hotel? Check with the front desk or concierge to see if they know of any running routes in the area. Many times they'll even have a map of a walking and/or running route in or near the hotel. They may also have information on local running groups and weekly group runs. I've done this several times and more times than not, they have information to share.

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2. Use the Fitness Center

Most major hotels provide a fitness room. Some are better than others, but most include a treadmill. It may not be glamorous or very stimulating, but if it's raining out, snowing, or you're in an area not conducive to running, then treadmill is a great option. If treadmill running is boring to you, try doing increasing the incline of the treadmill to simulate hill intervals. Do 45 seconds at a 5 to 7 degree incline then 45 seconds at 0. Repeat five to 10 times. Or try doing an interval workout. Run fast/slow intervals such as 5-minutes fast and 1-minute slow for five cycles. That makes a great 30-minute treadmill workout.

Your hotel not have a fitness room? Check with the front desk and see if there is a gym nearby. Many gyms will let you purchase a daily pass. Some hotels even have relationships with local gyms where you're able to attend free or for a nominal fee.

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3. Google Local Running Stores

Most major cities have running stores. Take a few moments to Google "running store" and the city you're visiting. Look for listings of the independent running stores in the area. Then check out their websites. Many local running stores will post information about weekly group runs. If in doubt about suitability for your pace or fitness level, just give the store a call.

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4. Check out the Social Scene

There are several social sites such as Athlinks, DailyMile, SeriousRunning and the Active.com community boards that cater to runners. These sites are free and are kind of like a Facebook for runners. After creating a profile, you can search runners by location and then contact individuals and ask if they know of any good running routes in the area. Most of these sites also contain an online log where you can keep track of your daily/weekly workouts as well as keep your with your race results.

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