Your Spring Camping Checklist

When spring comes around, everyone is ready to get outside and start moving. While a camping trip may be just what you need, it's never a good idea to go unprepared—especially in early spring.

Springtime weather can be so unpredictable; balmy one day, tumultuous the next. Use this spring camping checklist to make sure you're prepared for anything.

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Check Your Gear Well Before You Go

Every year, as soon as you set the clock forward, it's time to start cleaning the cobwebs off all of your camping equipment. When going through your camping checklist, remember to:

  • Check for holes and tears and test everything out.
  • Make sure your stove and igniter is in working order.
  • Use our gear checklist below to take note of what you have, what you need to need to update, and what you need to buy.

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Pack for Warmth

Spring nights are anything but warm, and you need to pack with this in mind. Be sure you have a cold weather sleeping bag for 20- to 40-degree weather. Even if it doesn't get quite that cold, it's best to be prepared.

Be sure to add a sleeping pad to your spring camping checklist. Having this between you and the cold ground is a necessity. A footprint for your tent is also a good idea; this will protect it from tears and add yet another layer on to what can feel like thawing tundra under your body.

An all-weather tent will work for springtime camping but pack a high quality foul weather tent, as well—just in case. And always pack a tarp to keep your tent dry if surprise showers come through.

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