Try Something New: Join an Outrigger Canoe Club

Maybe you love running or cycling races but you're burnt out, you've suffered an injury that's preventing you from getting back into it or perhaps you just want to try something new. If you live near any body of water—ocean, lake or even river—chances are you'll find an outrigger canoe club. Joining it may be?one of the best decisions you could make.??

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Join the Club

Outrigger clubs are like families. They perpetuate a great sense of community and members are committed to traveling to events all season, practicing, training and performing.

You'll find clubs up and down the Pacific coast and all over Hawaii, of course—where paddling for sport originated—and there are also outrigger canoe clubs and associations on the East Coast, in places with lakes like Tahoe, Havasu City, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan?anywhere there's a body of water, really.

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Fulfill Your Competitive Streak

Races come in the form of short sprints, criterions, long distance and marathons...just like running and cycling events.? Practice and training schedules are serious and regimented and team members strive to succeed—and have fun.

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