Plan a Camping Adventure in Joshua Tree

5 Quick Camping Tips

Bring shade: In Cottonwood, there are built in shelters that provide shade for the kitchen and eating area. However, the other campgrounds do not provide this for your site. Be sure to bring a pop-up shelter for much needed respite from the sun.

Be wary of bees: In the hot summer months, bees look for moisture and water to cool themselves. Because of this, they are highly attracted to human perspiration. To avoid any confrontation, keep water and drinks inside your car, keep your car windows rolled up and don't swat at them, which will cause agitation.

Bring your firewood: All vegetation is protected within the park, so if you want a fire, be sure to bring your own firewood.

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Pets: You can bring pets to Joshua Tree, but they aren't allowed in any of the parks or on any of the trails. If you plan to visit in the summer months, you should leave your pets at home as heat stroke and other heat related issues are a real threat.

Bring sunscreen: With little to no shade, you want to have enough sunscreen to stay covered from sunup to sundown. The closest town is 10 miles from the west entrance, making it nearly 35 miles from the east side of the park, so be sure you have enough for the entire trip. 

Joshua Tree National Park is a great trip for visitors of all ages. With so much to see, and even more to do, everyone will have a good time. Be wary of the different climates and vegetation from season to season, which will dictate what you should bring and the sites you'll see.

If you're hoping for wildflowers, be sure to book your trip in February or March, when everything is in full-bloom. If you can't stand the heat, avoid the park in the summer. Otherwise, it's open year round and makes for an awe-inspiring experience at all times of the year.

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