Train Your Body for the Slopes

Strength 1

  • DB Bench Press Alternating: Three sets, 10 repetitions
  • Standing Wall Slides: Three sets, 10 repetitions
  • Two Arm Two Leg RDL: Three sets, 10 repetitions

Strength 2

  • Half Kneeling DB OH Alternating Press: Three sets, 10 on each arm
  • Active Straight Leg Raise: Three sets, 10 on each leg
  • TRX Eccentric Curls Single Leg: Three sets, 10 on each leg

Don't forget to cool down afterwards. "Recovery is crucial, yet it is often overlooked. In fact, recovery is an essential part of rebuilding muscle," says Digesti. Use a foam roller and stretch to maintain strong muscles. Digesti suggests, "Foam rolling can help to relieve built up fascia, which can limit the body to move properly. Static stretching helps to maintain, and even regain range of motion in joints and lengthening your muscles and fascia."

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