The Many Benefits of Hiking

What Are Some Other Benefits of Hiking?

While getting personal with nature and shedding unwanted pounds are great for improving general health, hiking is also terrific for overall body toning. Constant movement in your shoulders, arms, abdominals, hips, butt, legs, knees and ankles help contribute to tighter muscles.

Plus, hiking is great for "clearing the head." Researchers have shown that short-term memory works better when walking than standing still. Learning and reasoning also improve, as do emotional moods. No wonder cranky people are told to "go take a hike!"

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Lace Up and Start Walking

Whether it's getting to places in our national, state and local forests, accessing wilderness areas and campgrounds that are inaccessible by motor vehicle, or improving your physical and mental well being, nothing beats a good long hike. So get out there, get moving, and start cashing in on the abundant benefits of hiking!

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