Ski Etiquette: What Not to Do on the Mountain

Let Your Friends Smoke in the Lift Line

It's disgusting. Just. Don't. Besides, where do you think that cigarette butt goes? That's right, in the pretty white snow right along with that Cliff Bar wrapper.

Make Yellow Snow

Finish your run, take a time out, walk into the lodge and wait in line for the bathroom like everyone else past the age of 4.

Ski or Snowboard Drunk—or Even Tipsy

It may seem like a good idea at the time, but skiing after drinking can be dangerous for obvious reasons, to yourself and the people around you. Wait 'til the apr?s for your cocktails.

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Be Out of Control

Know your limits. Definitely work on improving, but do it gradually and within your own boundaries. Don't go faster or steeper than you're ready for because accidents and collisions do happen and sometimes they can be detrimental. Don't go from bunny slope to Olympic level in one day.

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Stopping and Sitting Down in the Middle of the Run

Get to the side if you need to stop and sit and readjust to avoid collisions.

Contributing to Bra and Bead Trees

What is this, Mardi Gras? What is the point of this fad? You're cruising along the chairlift, gazing at the beautiful, wintery, peaceful setting and, below you, there's a majestic, snow-covered spruce with undergarments and trinkets hanging all over its top branches. No.

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