High-Tech Glamping in Your RV

With technology moving at an unbelievable pace, RV's are looking pretty spiffy these days. Don't be left behind. Take glamping to the next level and get your RV in tiptop shape. Not just for weekend trips, these upgrades are so cushy you just might decide to live on the road full time.

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Install a Sound System

Imagine it: Speakers mounted on the outside, a few set up inside and you're one good song away from a camping dance party. Install a sound system that comes with a remote control so you can manage the tunes whether you're in the kitchen or lounging by the campfire.

iPads for Everyone

In the world of RV glamping, simply having an iPad at the campsite isn't enough. Instead, install them inside your rig: one in the bathroom, one in the kitchen, the options are endless. From here you can play music, games, and get online.

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Your Total Entertainment Center

If you're going to do it, why not go all the way? Install an LCD TV, gaming system and satellite dish to grab cable wherever you are. This takes glamping to a new level; with an entertainment center in place, you may never want to leave your RV again.

Safety System

Backing up and parking an RV is no easy task. Add an extra level of safety with a camera system. A number of manufacturers have begun building full color, high-quality cameras to display on a 7" monitor for the driver.

If you travel with children, you can also install cameras throughout the RV. This is helpful when kids play in the back of the van while you drive up front.

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