Camping Guide from A to Z

Knife: Knives have long been the tool of choice among survivalists for decades, and for good reason. A small knife can be used to cut rope, food and much more. 

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Matches or Lighter: If you don't know how to start a fire otherwise, these are key to keeping warm at night. 

Quality Snacks: Be sure to replenish with more than sodas, candy bars or sweets. Think nuts, dehydrated fruits and berries. Nutrition is important to keep you fueled on the trails.

Repellent: Bug spray makes the difference between a relaxing evening and an itchy one. You will regret forgetting this. 

Sun Protection: Protection from the sun includes both sunscreen and sunglasses. Always bring extra, in case you run out. 

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Tent: Unless you want to sleep directly under the stars, a tent will be your resting place at the end of the day. They come in all sizes, materials and styles so check out a few before making your purchase. 

Utensils: You can buy camping specific utensils, bring a plastic set or pack some from your kitchen at home. Some backpackers swear by the spork, a combination spoon and fork.

Water: Just as critical as food, be sure you have plenty of water. Bring your own and pack a filter for cleaning water along the trail or at the campsite.

Zip Ties: These are those funky little plastic strips that can be cinched up and used for repair and attaching items to your pac.  

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