Campervan Travel: How to Build Your Home on the Road

Be Smart With Space

The most essential part of creating a campervan is utilizing the limited space you have; this requires organization and compartmentalizing. The front seat area should be focused on travel and navigation, where you store  maps, itineraries, electronic chargers, etc.

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Create the Cab

Once the front seating is situated, focus on the cab. This is the most important area because it needs to serve as a storage space and a bedroom. Create an elevated bed frame where the benches/seats used to be, with wood or cinder blocks. Make sure it sits about 1.5 to 2 feet above the van floor, and place your bed on top—a double bed is recommended.

Store your luggage and other large items under the bed. Unless you have a storage compartment on top of your car, you'll find that luggage is the most cumbersome items to deal with.

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Back Hatch Organization

Use this back area of the campervan for cooking and dining area. Install organizational shelves for water, food, pots and pans, silverware, propane, dish soap, etc. Look for a table that folds out from here and a cutting board that slides out.


- String rope around the top perimeter of your sleeping area, secured with screws or staples, and hang curtains for better privacy. Use this rope to hang drying clothes when the curtains aren't pulled out.

- Secure a net to the inside roof of the van to store things like books, headlamps and sunscreen above you.

- Many campervans—especially in New Zealand—have lavish paint jobs and decorations. Put the final touches on your van with a paint job. Let it represent you and your travels.

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