5 Gourmet Coffee Recipes for Camp

If you start every morning with a tall Vanilla Mocha Frappuccino, waking up without a Starbucks within 10 miles of the campsite can sound disastrous. With these five coffee recipes, however, you can still enjoy a delicious morning pick-me-up. You might even want to try them when you're back at home too.

Substitute hot chocolate for coffee so kids and adults can enjoy a tasty morning beverage. 

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Thin Mint Java: Kid-Friendly

Get a fresh start with this minty gourmet coffee recipe. With just two simple ingredients you can transform your java into a homemade peppermint mocha beverage. You can achieve the same affect if you add a bag of peppermint tea 

Light roast coffee
Peppermint extract
Chocolate syrup (if you use hot chocolate, skip the syrup)

Douse your brewed coffee with 1 to 3 drops of peppermint extract and 2 dollops of chocolate syrup. Stir everything and sip it with a newspaper in hand.

The Classic Irish Coffee: Adult-Only

Give your morning more than just a caffeine boost with this classic gourmet coffee recipe.

Medium roast coffee
1 shot Jameson
1 shot Baileys
Whipped cream

Mix the Jameson and Bailey's into your freshly roasted coffee. But that's not all—top it with whipped cream for a truly gourmet experience.

S'morning Pick-Me-Up: Kid-Friendly

This fun coffee recipe is not only kid-friendly, but it's perfect for adults with a sweet tooth. Fun toppings make it look gourmet, too. 

Medium roast coffee
Chocolate syrup (if you use hot chocolate, skip the syrup)
Whipped cream
Graham crackers, crushed small

Mix a spoonful of fluff and chocolate sauce into your cup of coffee. Top it with whipped cream and the crushed graham crackers for a gourmet presentation worthy of the pickiest coffee drinkers.

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