5 Easy Camping Dinner Ideas

3. Marinated Steak Kabobs

Kabobs are a camping essential because they're easy to prepare and cook. Complete the necessary prep work before heading to the campsite.

  1. Cut your steak into small, uniform cubes. Smaller pieces cook faster, and uniformity ensures they cook the same amount so you don't end having some that are rare and some that are medium or overcooked.
  2. Let the meat sit in the marinade until it's time to cook. Put this in a sealed container, and bring it with you to the campsite.
  3. Cut your potatoes and vegetables, and season them as necessary.

With everything prepped, you can slide it all onto a kabob stick and let your fire do the work. When cooking on a grate, over open flame, cook time should be the same as on a grill, which is about 10 minutes. Don't forget to turn them halfway through for even results.

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4. Pizza and Salad

Pizza is an easy camping dinner you can't overlook. Not only are you able to be creative with this meal, but it's easy to make for a large group. It's important to note that this dinner is made almost entirely before the trip. Your prep options include:

  1. Buy a frozen pizza of your choice, and keep it cold until cook time.
  2. Make your own pizza a day or two beforehand. Add the sauce, meat, veggies and cheese, and freeze it yourself.

When you cook the pizza on a grate, make sure the surface is high enough above the fire to cook thoroughly, rather than just burning the crust. You can also cook it in a frying pan over the fire, which will help reduce the possibility of burning.

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5.  Campfire Quesadillas    

This is a great meal for your last night at the campsite. Put all the leftover veggies, meats and cheese into a tortilla to make campfire quesadillas. Simply place your tortilla wrap in a pan, add your ingredients, and top it with another tortilla. Be sure to cover the pan; this convection style of cooking is necessary to melt the cheese. Cook for 10 minutes and you'll have a deliciously easy camping dinner. 

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