2 Nights and 2 Hikes in Lake Tahoe

Campgrounds in Lake Tahoe

Fallen Leaf Camground: Away from the chaos of Lake Tahoe, Fallen Leaf Campground is set on its own smaller and equally inviting lake. Boat rentals at the marina and horseback riding at nearby Camp Richardson make this a convenient place to plop your family for a few days. Although a lot of the waterfront is closed to private property, there are a few miles of open trail that follow the lake.

Tip: Use the bear boxes! Bears will make their way into camp--the sheer number of people cooking food makes campgrounds too appetizing to resist. Keep the bears away from your site by locking up your tasty treats in the metal boxes provided.

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Nevada Beach: One of the few campgrounds located right on Lake Tahoe, Nevada Beach is the perfect place to end your active day. Take an evening swim in the cool glacial waters, cook dinner at one of the beach grills, and watch the sun set behind the Sierras.

Tip: Buy firewood before you get to town; stacks of wood in the Tahoe area can be expensive.

Best Time to Go

Late summer/early fall: Temps are cool enough that mosquitoes are not as pesky as in the summer months, but it's still warm enough to enjoy a crisp dip in the lakes.

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