What Does Your Sweat Taste Like?

Ever notice when you are working out, or especially when you are in the hot yoga room, your sweat smells, tastes or feels a certain way?

Sweating is a natural function of the human body, and is very important to the body health. The first function is to cool the body down when it is heating up. The second function is to provide a secondary system that removes toxins through the skin.

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Ideally, you want your sweat to taste and smell neutral, which means your body is balanced and hydrated. But for most of us, this may not be the case.

Use this sweat taste guide to determine what you're eating and make the appropriate adjustments to balance your body.

  • Salty: You have been eating too many carbs: breads, pasta and fried foods.

  • Sweet: You have an excess of sugar in the body, which can come from fruits, chocolate, candy, or alcohol.

  • Sour: You've had a bit too much dairy and soy products: milk, cheese, or tofu.

  • Vinegar: Too much protein and animal products have been consumed, which gets turned into ammonia.

  • Thick: When your sweat is thick there is a lot of gluten in the body, which comes from breads and pastas.

  • Margaritas: Margaritas...enough said. 

Next time you work out hard, take a moment to taste and smell your sweat. Take note of what it tastes like and make the adjustments in your diet. Then be sure to drink plenty of water to hydrate and flush out any toxins in your body.

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