The Diet Detective: Fit Tips for Super Bowl Snacks

Super Bowl Sunday is the highest of holy days for sports fans and foodies, second only to Thanksgiving for eating calorie-laden foods. In order to give you some perspective, here are some of your favorite big game foods and what it takes to burn them off.

Read on to make sure your choices are splurgeworthy.

Foot Long Italian Sub = Walking the Length of The Brooklyn Bridge More Than 14 Times (or 16.2 Miles)

The Brooklyn Bridge, built in 1883, is beautiful ­ and long at 5,988 feet (1.13409 miles). A big, long Italian sub is generally made with provolone cheese, Genoa salami, spicy pepperoni, black forest ham, mayo and mustard.

Fit Tip: Skip the mayo and cheese and go for Subway's Fresh Fit menu to cut half the calories.

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1 Doritos Chip = Dancing Along With Bruno Mars to "Locked out of Heaven" During the Halftime Show

You would have to dance to the entire song (if it's played for about 3:54 minutes) to burn off just one Doritos chip, which has 12 3/4 calories.

Fit Tip: You're better off nutritionally with a few pistachio nuts or roasted almonds.

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6 Chili's Fajita Beef Classic Nachos (Large) = Running 242.5 Football Fields

Yes, running 242.5 football fields; each of them is 100 yards, and you would have to run every one at an average speed of 5 mph (the average walking pace is approximately 3 mph). Six chips is about half the order, and it's no wonder the dish is calorie heavy; the nachos are topped with a three-cheese blend, black beans, jalape?os, beef and sour cream.

Fit Tip: You can lower the calories by skipping the sour cream and using low-fat cheese and chicken breasts. Try this recipe from the BBC: Homemade Chicken Nachos

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