Nutrition Quick Tip: Hydrate With Soup Pre-Workout

Plain water, sports drinks, coconut water, herbal teas, and fruit and vegetable juices often come to mind as the most hydrating liquids. But soup is also up to the task.

Not only does the broth contain salt, which helps you retain water and prevent dehydration, many soups are also loaded with hydrating and carbohydrate-rich produce. Eating soup pre-workout can boost energy and performance.

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If you're buying premade soups, reach for broth-based soups. They hydrate better than cream-based ones, plus they're waistline-friendly.

Making your own soup from scratch is best because you can control the amount of added salt. Although salt is an important electrolyte that helps you retain water, you want to get just enough but not too much.

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If you elect for homemade soup, you can also be choosey over which vegetables (or fruits) you add. Vegetables such as zucchini, radishes and celery, are 95 percent water and better aid in hydration.

During fall and winter, reach for chicken-noodle soup, minestrone and lentil soup. In the hot, summer months, try cold varieties such as watermelon soup, gazpacho or dairy-free cucumber soup.

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