4 Hydrating Foods to Help You Survive the Summer Heat

Staying hydrated over the hot summer months is essential if you want to maintain a healthy weight. A recent study confirms that two 8-ounce glasses of water before a meal makes you feel fuller, which in turn decreases the amount of food you consume.

While it may be cumbersome, carrying a water bottle with you to work or during social activities will help you eat less throughout the day.

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Drinking enough water to stay hydrated is the easiest way to curb your appetite, but there are certain foods that contain enough water content to make you feel full.

If you're looking to manage a healthy weight this summer, try incorporating these four foods into your diet plan to stay hydrated:

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Soup: A broth or vegetable-based soup is primarily a bowl of flavored water with extra ingredients in it. Try having a bowl of gazpacho or chilled Thai-spiced watermelon soup with crab on a hot day to stay hydrated. Avoid cheese-based soups and chili for the best results.

Low-Fat Yogurt: Ice cream and frozen custard may be a summer tradition, but low-fat yogurt contains more water and will make you feel fuller after you eat it. Try mixing some seasonal blueberries, raspberries and strawberries with it for a nutritiously hydrating treat.

Cucumbers: Cucumbers and pickles may have little nutritional value in terms of vitamins and minerals, but they are primarily water and act as a diuretic, which helps clean out your system. Try a plate of freshly sliced cucumbers with vine-ripened tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese drizzled with balsamic vinegar for a unique take on a capresse salad.

Citrus Fruit: Like most other fruits, citrus fruit is primarily water. When you consume an orange or grapefruit, 90 percent of the fruit's total content comes from water. Citrus is also full of B vitamins, which helps to keep your energy levels up when it seems like it's too hot to do anything outdoors.

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