Top 8 Fuels to Power Your Summer

5. Drink Chia

You may have heard of Chia as a power food. This product is rich in Omega-3s, antioxidants and B-complex vitamins. It will support your hydration due to the chia seed's amazing absorptive properties as well as boost your endurance with unprocessed ingredients. Fill up your water bottle with flavors such as Honeysuckle Pear or Mango Tangerine, and head out the door. Learn more here.

6. Acli-Mate Natural Sport Drink

If you're training or racing at elevation, this is a must-have altitude sickness prevention and remedy mix. Add the powder to your water source to aid with acclimation and help you make a smooth transition to life above the trees. Using only natural ingredients, this delicious fuel is perfect for the health-conscious mountain lover. Learn more here.

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7. GoodBelly Probiotic Juice Drink

A home run for probiotics, this delicious organic beverage delivers a hearty dose of nutrients to support your digestive health. Beat GI issues by consuming this soy-free, vegan drink daily. If you're looking for a good cleanse, try the GoodBelly 12-Day Challenge. This company's philosophy is to live in a way that doesn't harm people, animals or the environment. Learn more here.

8. Earnest Eats

These bars are made in small batches and baked in real, individual baking trays for a homey feel. The fruit and nut mix is rich in flavor and even smells great. A feast for the senses, the whole food ingredients will keep you feeling satisfied through your workout. If you believe in the power of whole foods prepared with time and attention, this product is for you. Learn more here.

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