Top 8 Fuels to Power Your Summer

Summer is here and your training is kicking into high gear as you prepare for your fall races. With the rising temperatures, tempting summer foods, and the lure of lounging on the beach, it can be hard to stay on track with your training, nutrition and hydration.

Here is a compilation of products and fuels that can give you an edge and help you stay active all summer long. These tried and true brands have been put to the test and approved by our own nutrition editor. Enjoy. 

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1. SunRype Natural Fruit Snacks

These convenient, easy-to-carry snacks are a great fuel source when you're on the run (or bike, or swim). They're 100 percent fruit, super light, and packed with carbs for a quick energy boost without any added sugar. Instead of a long list of complex ingredients, this product keeps it simple, healthy and delicious. Learn more here.

2. Orgain Shakes

Whether you're in a rush to get in your morning run, or feeling famished after a workout, these protein-packed shakes really hit the spot. These USDA-certified organic, ready-to-drink blends come in delicious flavors like Creamy Chocolate Fudge and Sweet Vanilla Bean. Use them as nutrient-dense (255 calories) meal replacements. Learn more here.

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3. Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Drink

This carb-intensive energy drink is designed to fuel hard-core workouts. If you're an endurance athlete who competes at high levels, this mix will replenish your electrolytes and provide the critical nutrients to fuel your sport. The easy-to-mix formula will power you for hours. Learn more here.

4. Pocket Fuel Naturals

These nut butters with a kick come in flavors like Crunchy Banana Blueberry and Chocolate Haze. They are delivered in ready-to-consume gel packs for a filling and satisfying snack. Made from natural, whole food ingredients such as nuts, seeds and fruits, this fuel is also full of electrolytes and designed for quick absorption. Learn more here.

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