Post-Race Heartburn: Reduce It With the Right Foods

Don't Eat Tomatoes: Despite their high-nutrient content, tomatoes don't work well as a treatment for acid reflux. Just the opposite, they are highly acidic, which will only exasperate your pain. 

Other foods to avoid: Raw onions, garlic, and potatoes

Don't Eat Nuts: High in fat, these are the worst for post-race heartburn. Because fat slows the emptying process of your stomach, extra pressure is placed on the esophageal sphincter—heartburn is an automatic response to this.

Other foods to avoid: Fried food, beef, Avocados

Do Eat Chicken: This lean protein will help soothe your stomach and provide plenty of post-race fuel.

Similar food options: Lean ground beef, egg whites, fish

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Do Eat Yogurt: Probiotics on yogurt contain microorganisms that help your body with digestion.

Similar food options: Feta cheese, fat-free sour cream, low-fat cottage cheese (low-fat is key for the two latter options.)

Post-race heartburn can put a damper on your photo finish. If you can't prevent it from happening, nosh on the good-for-you foods listed above to ease the symptoms and enjoy the hard work you just did.

It's important to note that there's no one solution works for everyone. Test different options to find the best treatment for acid reflux for you.

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