Why You Should Step Off the Scale

Oh, that pesky scale; sometimes it brings you good news, sometimes bad, and sometimes it makes no sense at all. How could it possibly still stay at the same weight for three weeks? You amped up your exercise routine and are on the same diet that your friend recommended. She lost 20 lbs and your scale won't budge.

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The scale, unfortunately, doesn't accurately tell you how much fat you have turned into muscle, how much water is in your body, or if your body is recovering from a workout.

First things first, stop getting on that scale every day. It's a form of torture and does terrible things to your motivation.

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Here are some ways you can break the habit:

  • Toss It - Get rid of your scale. It's not the best measure of weight loss.  You may have lost inches and gained more muscle—muscle weighs more than fat. So you could have lost fat and inches, but built muscle. Because of this, your weight loss may not be very significant.
  • Hide It - Put the scale away in a closet or cabinet. Make it less accessible and make a date, say June 15th, to get on the scale again.  If you get on the scale every two weeks, you may notice a weight change than stepping on every day.
  • Just Say No - Write a big note for yourself over the scale that says 'NO'! This can help you remember to step away from the scale. This can also remind you to not obsess over a number you see. Instead learn to create a healthy lifestyle.

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Use these tips to measure your progress and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Put on Your Tight Pants - Choose one pair of snug pants and top. Put this same outfit on every two weeks to see how it feels different then the last fitting. You may need to take a picture to see the difference.
  • Accept Compliments - Remember, you see yourself every day.  If a friend notices your weight loss, accept their acknowledgment and use that as motivation to continue your goal.
  • Check Yourself Out - A healthy exercise and nutrition plan not only helps you lose weight, but it also improves your skin, mood, and energy level. Note any changes you experience.
  • Make a Goal - Create a goal to accomplish by a certain date. Complete all your planned workouts for two weeks, pass on the unhealthy food at the next gathering you attend, or register for a 5K. Accomplishing goals you make will be a great measure of your success and commitment to a healthier you.

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No matter what your goal is, the scale is in no position to judge. Use the tools in this article to help you break bad habits.

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