Turn Your Home Into a Gym: At-Home Workout With Household Items

When it comes to exercise, there are two barriers that prevent most people from starting a workout routine: time and money. People are too busy to get to the gym and membership fees can be outrageous. So how is one supposed to squeeze in a good gym-sesh? At home.

Working out at home doesn't require buying a lot of fancy equipment either. You can work up a sweat and build cardio and strength using basic household items.

Here are a few workouts you can do using stairs, a laundry basket, wall or even a kitchen table.

Combine the following exercises into a circuit, performing each for 15 to 20 reps, 3 to 5 rounds, for a total-body workout.

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If you have a set of stairs in your house, you have an array of exercises--right at your feet.

Stand on the stair so your heels are hanging off the back of a step. Use the rail to balance yourself as you stand onto your tiptoes. Lower your heel down and then repeat. This is a great calf exercise.

Challenge: Try loading a laundry basket up with clothes and place a container of detergent on top. Hike up and down the stairs with that load. You just created a cardio workout with weights.

A Wall

Pick a wall, any wall. Get nice and close. Stand with your back toward the wall and feet shoulder-width apart. Place your upper back on the wall and sit down into a squat. Lower down so your legs are in a 90-degree angle and hold for 30 to 60 seconds. Performing a wall sit is one of the best ways to tone your legs and core all at the same time.

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