Music for Yoga: Songs to Match Your Practice

Brown picks up the pace a little for her sun salutations and then even more for her core strengthening series that follows. "You want the music to match the energy at the time," she reminds us. We suggest:

????? Album: Nina Simone, Remixed and Reimagined (Nina Simone classics remixed by well-known DJs.)
????? Song: "Time for Us," by Nicholas Jaar, Time for Us EP
????? Song: "Height of Summer," by The Knife, Tomorrow, In a Year
????? Album: Gotye, Like Drawing Blood (Everyone's crazy abuzz with Gotye's new "Somebody I used to Know," but check out the songs of the 2009 album.)
????? Album: Bjork, Telegram (Even if Bjork bugs you, these remixes rule.)
??????Album: King Coya, Cumbias de Villa Donde (From the northern Argentine Andes and blend traditional Columbian and Argentine folklore with electro—very cool)
????? Thicker Than Water soundtrack, Brushfire Records (Put together by Jack Johnson for the surf movie, Thicker Than Water)
????? Song: "Bizness," by?tUnE-yArDs, Whokill


Brown slows it down a bit for her spine-strengthening series—and even more for surrender and savasana. We suggest:

????? Albums: Radiohead, In Rainbows, Amnesiac and The Kind of Limbs
????? Song: "Home" by The Catholics, Simple (The Catholics are a diverse, seductive, Australian jazz band with a world twist)
??????Song: "Wheel" by The Catholics,Catholics/Bugle Records
????? Songs: "Joga," "Hunter," "Immature," or "All Full of Love," Bjork, Homogenic.
????? Album: Fleet Foxes, Fleet Foxes

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