Music for Yoga: Songs to Match Your Practice

Sometimes it isn't easy to follow through with your yoga practice at home. With distractions and a full to-do list, the temptation to quit after one or two poses is great, even though you could really use the physical and emotional benefits of a good, complete yoga series.

But there is one simple remedy: music.

You could go with the typical, meditation music for yoga, but why not spend your money on music you can add to your everyday, driving-to-work playlist—music you can attach yourself to?

Some yoga teachers feel that adding music to your practice creates distraction, and others feel that music is a way to center their students. (*Neither schools of thought are right or wrong—you can choose the yoga that's right for you on any particular day.)

"Music is like the other person in the room," says Alyssa Brown, who manages the Core Power Yoga Studio in Encinitas, California.?She and her fellow teachers?at Core Power spend a lot of time and effort on their class playlists, which they sync up to the varying rhythm and flow of each of their classes.?

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