How to Switch Up Your Treadmill Workout

Note: Don't crisscross your feet; bring your feet almost together, just like skipping sideways.

treadmill workout, fitness

3. Into a jog: Jog for 3 minute at a slight incline, and then go back into lateral motion skipping with the slight squat.

treadmill workout, fitness

4. Backwards walk or jog: The last exercise should be completed an incline of your choice. Walk or jog backwards. Start at a 0-percent incline if this is your first time doing this. Hold on to the handrails, and put the safety stop device on your shirt or pants. This is a more complicated, advanced move, so proceed at your own risk. Walking or jogging backwards improves your kinesthetic awareness, and strengthens your gluteus muscles. When you get the hang of this, complete 100 repetitions (1-1, 2-2 is your count per leg), then straddle the treadmill, slowly turn around without touching the belt, and jog facing forward.

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Note: If you need to rest at any time, slowly put one foot on the side rail and then the other foot on the opposite side rail. When your lactic acid has dissipated and you're ready to start again, resume your set.

This treadmill workout is a more advanced routine, so proceed with caution, and only do it when you are comfortable with all three motions: forward, lateral and backwards. This workout addresses multiple movement patterns, which is important if you want to take up other sports such as mud runs, obstacle races, tennis, soccer etc., because you'll need the ability to move forward, sideways, at quick angles and sometimes backwards in an efficient manner.

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