Common Hot Yoga Myths (and Truths)

Hot yoga isn't necessarily for everyone. With temps between 95 and 105 degrees and humidity turned up, it's certainly understandable if it's just too uncomfortable for some.

But on the other hand, attending different types of hot yoga classes has become addictive for many. So many variations exist beyond Bikram and adding some heat to the mix can be that much more appealing.

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Heated yoga goers love the feeling that comes with holding or flowing through poses and enduring the heat, the sweat, the feeling of enhanced flexibility that warm muscles produce. You leave class refreshed, re-energized and feeling great.

But many potential, beginning and longtime hot yoga students have some preconceived notions about exactly what they're getting out of their classes. 

Here are some common myths about hot yoga and how you can approach the experience differently and in a more beneficial way:

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It's the Most Extreme/Intense Type of Yoga

"You could easily have a more intense yoga experience without the heat," says Alyssa Brown, manager of Core Power Yoga studio in Encinitas, California. "It's all about your own body awareness and how you utilize your breath."

What you get out of each individual yoga practice you approach is totally up to you. Your body has certain limits on each individual day and the focus and energy you use within those limits can vary no matter what the surrounding conditions.

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