4 Injury-Prevention Tips to Help You Exercise Safely

When you begin an exercise program, the thought of injury prevention probably doesn't cross your mind. However, any physical activity done over an extended period of time comes with the risk of injuries. You're in luck; there are effective ways to prevent injuries. You can enjoy your work outs without fear or pain.

Below are four tips to help you stay safe and injury-free when you work out.

Prevent One of the Most Common Sports-Related Injuries

Sunburn is one of the leading sports-related injuries. Obviously, a great way to prevent sunburn is to wear sunscreen. If exercising outdoors is your thing, be sure to wear appropriate gear to prevent sunburn. Light-weight and long sleeve tees for runners can help prevent sunburn on the shoulders or arms. Whether you wear a long sleeve tee or regular tee, apply sunscreen under your clothing to add an extra layer of protection.

Your Best Intentions Can Hurt You

Do you have correct form when you perform an exercise? While you may not be able to afford a personal trainer to show you every move, you can ask someone knowledgeable if they can show you correct form.

If you take an exercise class, don't be afraid to speak up and ask how to perform a move you are unfamiliar with. If you work out in a gym, usually there are trained staff members who are glad to help make sure your form is correct. Remember, if any move hurts (and not in a good, muscle fatigued sort of way) then stop immediately until you can learn the correct form.

You Can Produce Painful Results if You Over Train

If you work out the same muscle groups daily, you may be headed for a sport injury. Your body needs time to recover and recharge. Daily workouts may seem like a great goal to have, but listen to your body. If your legs are still hurt from your previous workout, focus on another muscle group so you can give your body ample time to recover. Remember that your body needs rest to perform its best and prevent injuries.

Remember to Warm Up and Cool Down

Don't dive into a workout routine without a proper warm up. You don't have to incorporate intricate yoga style stretches to warm up adequately. A few "old-school" exercises like jumping jacks, body weight squats and shuffling can do the job. Once you've completed your workout, stretch the muscles you worked to lengthen and help recover. Not only will you be less sore after your workout, but you'll help reach your results sooner.

It's much easier to prevent injuries than recover from them. Follow these simple tips mentioned above to stay injury-free.

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