3 Hula Hooping Tips for a Flat Stomach

The Polypro hoop is recommended for the intermediate to advanced hooper. They are extremely lightweight and require a lot more energy and effort to stay up. These are great for doing advanced tricks.

What to Expect When Buying a Hoop

Hoops can cost anywhere from $15 to $100. It all depends on where you buy them and how extensively detailed or hi-tech they are. Spending $30, plus shipping and handling, is probably reasonable for a hoop.

As far as sizing goes, your hoop should reach up to your mid-waist or chest when the hoop is standing upright. The larger the hoop, the easier it will be. You can also request that sand or water is put into the hoop to make it move a little slower and again, easier. But we want challenging, don't we?! If you have any questions on sizing, ask your retailers; they can help point you toward the right one. 

You've Got Your Hoop, Now What?

Grab a friend or two and head to the beach, park or backyard. Turn on some your favorite tunes and have fun. Focus on keeping the hoop around your waist. Once you've mastered that, try to learn new tricks. Pick up a DVD, buy a book, or search on YouTube for some videos to help you advance in hula hooping.

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