14 Gym Pet Peeves

Whether you spend $20 or $200 on a gym membership, you have certain expectations when you go work out. What you're probably not counting on is the girl working out in flip-flops and jeans or the guy who leaves a puddle of sweat on every machine.

We asked several gym-goers to share their pet peeves. Here's what they had to say.

1. No Etiquette, RUDE!

"When people don't re-rack the weights." - Kisar D., personal trainer

"Dumbbells put back in the wrong place, especially the 85-pounders that I typically lift with." - Sabrina T., treadmill and strength-training junkie

2. Weight Hogs

"People who exercise right in front of the weight racks so you can't grab what you need." - Barb Y., gym-rat

3. Fitness Attire, Please

"When people don't wear actual workout gear. What are you wearing?" - Maile P., medicine ball fanatic

4. Do You Need a Nap?

"People who rest forever on the machines between sets."- Fara R., box jump addict

"I hate it when people sit and rest on the leg extension machine. I need to get on there so I can get in full beast mode." - Ryan W., stair climber master

5. Keep Your Game at Home

"You're supposed to be picking up weights, not chicks." - Stephanie M., TRX coach

"I hate it when people hit on me at the gym. This is me time; leave me alone!" - Alice B., yoga lover

6. Will You Ever Run?

"People who stand on the treadmill forever and stretch instead of actually running/walking." - Sabrina T.

7. Do You Even Lift, Bro?

"People who have no idea what they're doing, like doing shoulder presses on the calf-raise machine." - Jim H., bodybuilder

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