14 Gym Pet Peeves

Whether you spend $20 or $200 on a gym membership, you have certain expectations when you go work out. What you're probably not counting on is the guy working out in flip-flops and jeans or the girl who leaves a puddle of sweat on every machine.

We asked gym-goers to share their pet peeves, here's what they had to say.

No Etiquette, RUDE!

"When people don't re-rack the weights." - Kisar D., personal trainer

"Dumbbells put back in the wrong place, especially the 85-pounders that I typically lift with." - Sabrina T., treadmill and strength-training junkie

Keep Your Game at Home

"You're supposed to be picking up weights, not chicks." - Stephanie M., TRX coach

"I hate it when people hit on me at the gym. This is me time; leave me alone!" - Alice B., yoga lover

Fitness Attire, Please

"When people don't wear actual workout gear. Why are you working out in jeans?" - Maile P., medicine ball fanatic

Do You Even Lift, Bro?

"People who do shoulder presses on the calf-raise machine." - Jim H., bodybuilder

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Weight Hogs

"People who exercise right in front of the weight racks so you can't grab what you need." - Barb Y., gym-rat

Will You Ever Run?

"People who stand on the treadmill forever and stretch instead of actually running/walking." - Sabrina T.

Do You Need a Nap?

"People who rest forever on the machines between sets."- Fara R., box jump addict

"I hate it when people sit and rest on the leg extension machine. I need to get on there so I can get in full beast mode." - Ryan W., stair climber master

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Take a Selfie; It Lasts Longer

"Guys wearing tank tops and checking themselves out in the mirror while doing bicep curls." - Steve C., push-up warrior

Wipe Up After Yourself

"Wipe up your sweat! So gross when people drench the machine with their sweat and don't wipe it up. What am I, your mother? Just wipe it up!" - Joy L., elliptical fan

Get Off the Phone!

"If I wanted to hear drama, I would have stayed home to watch some soap operas. Get off the phone! I don't want to hear about your problems." - Fara R.

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Channel Changers, Please Ask

"People changing the channel on a TV I'm watching. Can you please just ask?!" - Kim L., spin class nut

Grunters: We're Not Impressed!

"Massive bodybuilders who lift weights and grunt obnoxiously loud. It can be uncomfortable at times. And then after they lift, they just drop the weight on the floor, grunt some more, and walk around the gym like they won a medal or something. Just pipe down, we're not impressed!" - Julie K., jump rope champ

Is This a Photo Shoot?

"Women who put on lots of makeup to work out at the gym. Really?" - Kristen S., plank challenger

Locker Room Pet Peeves

"People who take up all of the space in the locker room." - Maddie R., interval enthusiast

"People who creep up behind you to get in the locker right beside, on top or underneath your locker while you're trying to get stuff out of your locker. And you're dripping wet. And half naked! And there are a MILLION open lockers around you. " - Sabrina G., running expert

"People hanging out in the locker room, buck naked. Don't they have any place better to go?" - Ryan W.

What are your gym pet peeves? Share with us below. 

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