Your 5-Minute Flat Abs Workout Routine

Exercise physiologist, Michele Olson, has dedicated a chunk of her career to discovering the fastest, smartest way to firm your abs. Here's an exclusive routine based on her latest findings. The research will transform your gut.

THE SCIENCE: There's a magic formula: Any trio of a face up plus face down or lateral plus standing move equal ultimate firming. This trifecta targets your core from every angle. It's 360-degree sculpting!

YOUR WORKOUTS: You've got three options. Tack one on before a cardio or strength routine most days. All you need is a mat, a stability ball and five minutes.

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MEET THE DOC: Michele Olson, Ph.D. (aka our Dr. Abs), spent three months testing these exercises and comparing them with the crunch. For total toning, all are more effective—check out the percentages below. You saw the moves here first, but her research will appear soon in ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal.

Workout 1 Face Up - Get-Up Roll-Up

Lie face up with right leg extended, left knee bent with left foot flat, left arm above chest and right hand gripping left arm, elbow out. Engage abs and slowly roll up. Return to start. Do 12 reps; repeat on opposite side.

  • 20 percent better than a crunch for defining the front of your abs.

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