Yoga With Your Dog

Dogs are extremely in-tune with your energy. It is instinctual for your dog to read your energy. They were born deaf and blind, so they learn their mother's scent and respond to the energy around them.

Ever notice when you are stressed, your dog seems stressed or anxious as well? Or when something exciting is happening, they have a lot of energy? Dogs respond to the environment around them. When something is wrong, they tend to be able to sense that and will act accordingly.

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One way to keep your dog calm is to do yoga and focus on slowing your breath and your mind. Many people ask us "how the dogs do yoga"—and our answer is very simple—they don't. The people do the yoga class and their dogs are by their side the entire time. 

You can incorporate Fido into a few of the poses and give them a little doggy massage during the class. Yoga with your dog is all about the calm in your dog and it does come out during your class. Even the barkers at the beginning of the class will calm once we focus on our breathing and calm our minds. The dogs read our energy and in turn, relax.  

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Every class starts out with a brief walk with standing poses along the way. The dogs get to potty and work out a little of their energy. The seated yoga portion is about a half an hour, 40 minutes tops as this is about all most dogs can handle and then at least one in the class gets restless. 

The key is to stay calm and not talk or show any excited energy during class or the dogs will read that and they in turn will start getting excited.  

Your dog will be happy to spend time with you and not be home while you are in a stuffy yoga studio.  A happy dog is a happy owner.

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Dawn Celapino, personal trainer and founder of Leash Your Fitness, a workout company for you and your dog has been training for over 15 years.  She loves anything outdoors that involves fitness and her furry friend, Jack.

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