The Benefits of Swimming for Exercise

Swimming is not only fun, it can be a great workout. Here's what swimming has to offer.

A Full-Body Workout

When you swim, you use your entire body to propel yourself through the water. According to the Livestrong Foundation, swimming is good for muscle strength and cardiovascular exercise. The water provides natural resistance, which makes your workout more effective.

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Low-Impact Exercise

Swimming presents a low risk of injury. reports that water provides natural buoyancy for your body, making movements easier and smoother. Also, because the water acts as a cushion, there is less stress on bones and joints. People who have trouble exercising because of joint or bone pain or problems will benefit from swimming.

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Improves Respiratory Function

Respiratory function is improved by swimming. Holding your breath for brief periods strengthens your lungs.

Mental Health Benefits

Swimming is a great stress reducer. Swimming is a fun aerobic exercise that works every muscle in the body.


Swimming provides variety. You can vary your workout routine between swimming laps, water-walking or participating in water aerobics.

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