3 Leg Exercises for Winter Sports

Are your legs in peak form for skiing and snowboarding? The following three exercises mimic the motions you may encounter on the slopes, so that you can build strength before you get back out there. 

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These moves challenge your fast-twitch muscle fibers and your lower-body stabilizers. These exercises help strengthen your core, increase your muscular endurance, and build up your lactic acid threshold.

What You'll Need

  • Bosu Ball
  • Mini Hurdle

Note: If you don't have the equipment, create a square on the ground with tape.

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Bosu Balancer Single-Leg Squat

If you're new to working out, don't use the Bosu ball. Stand on one leg and squat. Hold onto a pole or a sturdy object to help you keep your balance. As you gain strength, try the exercise without holding onto something.

Once you're comfortable with the exercise, then move onto the Bosu ball.

If you use the Bosu ball, stand on the flat side. Stand on one leg and squat. Utilize your core to maintain your balance. Make sure your knee doesn't go past a 90-degree angle as you squat.

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