10 Ways to Have Fun at the Gym

Let's face it—going to the gym can be a pain. By February or March, many have forgotten their resolutions and those who are still at the gym look like they would rather not be.  

Why do people fall off the resolution bandwagon? This is the question I posed to some wary gym goers, and after a nice yoga session I had reached some thoughtful conclusions:

A. Going to the gym is not always fun. It's not like people keep photo albums dedicated to the many gyms they've traveled to.

B. Many people go to the gym to a) get in shape b) lose weight or c) fit into those skinny jeans. Not to have a good time.

C. You don't drive home from the gym, look over at your friend and say, "I feel like we really bonded today when we put our iPods on, simulated running moments, and ignored each other for 60 minutes."

But perhaps there is a way we can make gym workouts more interesting. Below are 10 suggestions I hope you can incorporate at your next gym workout.

1. Join in on the phone conversation the person on the machine next to you is having.

2. Is somebody's iPod obnoxiously loud? Impromptu dance party.

3. After a few miles on the treadmill, get off your machine and ask someone how far away the next aid station is. Repeat for at least three hours.

4. Wear a hydration pack and a visor. Don't want to be under-prepared.

5. Take pictures of you with different machines. Ask others to take your picture as well.

6. Talk at length and in great detail about your trail races.

7. Be sure to grunt louder than the guy next to you in the free weights section. If someone touches your weight, growl.

8. Want to run for a really long time? Listen to the full audio books of any of the following titles:

  • War and Peace
  • God's and Generals
  • Entire Twilight or Harry Potter series

9. Buy a language-leaning CD. It's important to have it playing in your headphones, but practice out loud.

10. Dress in race-day gear. Don't forget your bib number and GPS watch. Race the person on the closest machine.

Remember: the more fun you have, the more likely you'll follow through with your goals.

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