8 Secrets of Experienced Cyclists

"When it's good then it's good, it's so good till it goes bad." -- Pink

If your cycling life goes smoothly and predictably all the time, then you won't need the tricks in this column. If you're a cyclist that occasionally runs into unexpected trouble, then you may want to have some of these tricks up your sleeve -- or is that up your arm warmer?

In this column is a collection of tricks I've gathered from various sources. Some I've tried myself, others I have not. In any case, someone else's solution may help you as well.

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Dry, Rash-Free Butt Crack

One cyclist swears by diaper rash ointment containing generous amounts of zinc oxide to keep his butt crack free of rashes caused by the sweat of riding in the heat or for riding long periods in rain. Another cyclist uses the lightweight variety of diaper rash lotion on his entire fanny to keep heat rash bumps from erupting.

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Numbing the Crash and Saddle Sore Pain

Road racers and mountain bikers carry a plastic bottle of spray-on Bactine? in their gear bags. This comes in handy to flush a wound with the antiseptic spray action and it also contains Lidocaine which is a topical pain reliever. Once the topical pain reliever goes into action, it is less painful to scrub the wound to remove debris.

One cyclist sprayed Bactine? on the pad of his chamois where a saddle sore had formed the week before. The numbing action on the saddle sore helped him get through a race that would have been much more painful without the topical pain reliever.

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An Alternative Topical Pain Reliever

Advertised for burns, scalds and sunburns, BurnJelPlus is also a topical pain reliever. Similar to Bactine?, it also contains Lidocaine as a topical pain reliever. In addition to Lidocaine, BurnJelPlus contains tea tree oil. This natural oil is said to have antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. A light application of the gel over the wound is an alternative other traditional antibacterial ointments. Be sure to cover it with a protective bandage to block dirt.

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