12 Holiday Gift Ideas Under $200 for Cyclists

Admittedly, the cyclist in your life would love to have a new bike every year; however, there are also a number of items that cyclist would love to have that won't melt your credit card.

Always great sources of holiday gift ideas, cyclists on my Sunday group ride list are happy to help you with some ideas. Whether the ideas are on their list or cool items they've received as gifts, either way the ideas may help you solve some of your gift dilemmas.

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Dog Fang: This inexpensive product helps keep your cyclocross racer going full tilt and not having to stop and mess with a dropped chain. Keeping the chain on in the case of an overshift for under $15 is a great investment.

Bike cover for a rear rack: Rear- or hitch-mounted bicycle racks are easy to access, but the bikes also see a bunch of road grim from rear tire splash back. The bikes see additional grime from passing cars and from being located so close to the road surface. Having a cover to protect the bikes from the road grime is a great gift for around $90.

Mountainsmith Bike Cube Deluxe: The Cube can be stand-alone or part of a bigger Modular Hauler System made also by Mountainsmith. The Cube was designed specifically for cyclists having a compartment for sunglasses, helmet, gloves, shoes, etc. It also comes with a removable mat that can be used for changing clothes bare-footed or kneeling and doing bike maintenance. The multiple panels, pockets and breathable mesh panels are great design features. The Bike Cube Deluxe retails for around $75 and the regular Bike Cube with less features is around $45.

DUAL Power Eyewear: For anyone that uses over-the-counter reading glasses and would like the same feature in sport sunglasses without paying an arm and a leg for prescription lenses, can find it in DUAL Power. Several good choices are available between $50 and $70 with replacement lenses as an option too.

Smartwool socks: Having several pairs and weights of these socks are great for cyclists. The medium weight socks are perfect for cool mornings when there is a prediction of increasing temperatures. For this situation, the wool socks and avoiding the hassle of booties is nice. They run $15 to $25 and come in solid colors as well as fun prints too—men's and women's sizing available.

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