The Art of Making Good Coffee on the Trail

French Press

Now we're talking. The French Press is known for making a rich, pungent cup of coffee.

They're not big and they're easy to fit in or on your pack. If you don't already know, a French press is just a narrow pot/pitcher of sorts with a metal or nylon filter at the end of a plunger. Again, the most important thing to remember is not to let your water come to a full boil and to use coarse grounds. Let it steep for about two minutes, stirring a bit, and you're ready.

Especially made for camping, the GSI Personal Java Press coffee maker (it's about $30) includes a separate mug and carafe and is super compact for traveling.

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Perhaps the best part of using methods like this and the French Press is that you have complete control. You can make your coffee the temperature that you want, as light or dark as you want and let it steep as long as you want.

The AeroPress pushes the mix of hot water and grinds through a filter right into your cup using air and takes less than a minute to make.  Extremely lightweight, it makes a great backpacking companion.

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Moka Coffee Pot

Also known as an Italian Stovetop Espresso Maker, it can be used on your camping stove. You simply pour your water into the bottom chamber, fill the coffee basket with grounds and throw it on the burner. The entire process takes about 10 minutes.

Though it doesn't make "true" espresso, it has been touted as "poor man's espresso." Many prefer this method for their camping outings and it produces a strong, robust beverage.

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Dress It Up

If you drink it black, more power to you. But if you aren't ashamed to accessorize a bit, don't forget everything you need. Almond and coconut milk that come in one-serving, juice-box packaging are great for lugging around and won't go bad. Sweetened condensed and evaporated milk taste awesome, too, in your fancy coffee concoction.

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