Technical Speed: A Complete Practice on Passing

Team Game

Time: 30 minutes plus Activity level: High Space: Defined for the game = larger space, 7 to 11 players per team

The Game--Targets:
Start with three teams of equal numbers. The space should be rectangular in shape. Team A starts as free target players on all sides of space. Teams B and C play a game of keep-away. Passes can be made to the A players (they must return the ball to the passer's team). Count the number of consecutive passes. Ten equals one goal. After a specified time period, or a goal, rotate teams. Let the scoring team make the decision whether to become targets or stay in the grid.

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Coaching Points
  • Encourage good pace and accuracy of passes
  • Pace should be fast enough so defenders can not intercept, and comfortable for the receiver to control
  • Accuracy--Ball should be played to players feet
  • Players need to make good decisions on how to utilize targets to retain possession
  • Targets can only one-touch the ball
  • Field players must have 1, 2 or 3 touches, depending on skill level
  • Award a goal if player can make a wall pass with target players
The Game--Bread & Butter: Three teams of 4 (A, B, C) and two keepers (X, Y). Team A attacks against keeper Y. If they score, they then quickly try to attack keeper X. At this time, team B leaves the field and takes the place of team C who were the supporting players on the endlines, supporting both teams. The supporting players support for both teams and can move along the end line. The are limited to one-touch the ball. Have an ample supply of balls ready in each net.


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Coaching Points
  • After scoring a goal, attacking players look to play quickly before the other team has a chance to come on and get organized
  • Try to play the ball to target players
  • Attacking and defending principles of play
The Game--Match Conditions: An even sided game with full goals that is played like a real game but not necessarily with an 11 vs. 11 format. The coach then observes if the training has had any effect on the player's ability to meet the demands of the game. Coaching points can still be made but the coach focuses comments on the theme of the practice. If the session was a technical session, the coach focuses on the player's body and sees if it is meeting the demands of the game technically. If the session was tactical, the coach focuses on what the player is seeing, and focuses on whether or not the player is interpreting the visual clues correctly and making the correct decisions based on what is seen.

Warm Down

Time: 5 to 10 minutes Activity level: Low ramping down Space: General, no specific boundaries, 1 to 2 players per group.

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The Game--Keep Your Yard Clean: Create a 5 to 10 yard neutral area that no player can enter. Use a minimum of one ball per two players (for best results, use a ball for each player). On command, each team tries to keep it's side free of balls by kicking through the neutral zone to the opposite side. Play for a specific time limit.

  • Must use two touches
  • Only use inside of foot
  • Only use instep (laces) when kicking
  • Must do an escape move, then kick
  • Increase size of neutral zone for more advanced players
  • Use fewer balls

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