WINGED WATER WALKERYes, you can walk on water

When I was 17, I stress fractured my shin in three places and couldn't run for eight weeks. I used aqua jogging to stay in shape and still finished 11th at the junior national triathlon championship. That was over 10 years ago and not much has changed with aqua jogging since - until now.

The Winged Water Walker puts a new spin on aqua jogging by providing additional resistance to simulate the push off phase of running, while still allowing the lift and kick through phase to occur in a somewhat normal manner.

This is accomplished using "wings" that automatically "deplane" during upward leg movement and automatically "plane" out during downward leg movement. While the Winged Water Walker can be used along with traditional aqua jogging flotation devices, the system's biggest benefit is that you can use the platforms to generate lift through your own motions rather than relying on a buoy to hold you up.

The additional effort required to pull this off makes your time spent in the water more efficient and productive. Depending on your individual stride, it may take you a while to get used to having the platforms attached to your feet. I found myself clicking the paddles on each other, but then again, I come back from most runs with mud smeared on the insides of my calf muscles from the soles of my shoes.

Learning the interesting drills and movements listed on the website at is probably the best way to get the most fun and use out this product. While aqua jogging has proven a successful means of staying fit during injuries for athletes around the world, I still haven't found anyone who looks forward to 30 minutes in the deep end of the pool the way they long for a half hour romp through back country trails.

Then again, the Winged Water Walker may change that thinking. For more information, call (866) WWW-WALK (999-9255) or visit

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