How to Stay Cool in Hot Weather

Staying cool without turning on your air conditioning is a challenge during hot summer days. Here are a few ideas to beat the heat and won't cause your electric bill to rise.

Water Sports

Turn your backyard into a water park for your kids and their friends. Slip 'n slide is a fun activity; just make sure that your lawn is free of rocks or sticks. Have the kids take turns and this activity can be safe fun on a hot day.

Water guns are another fun way to cool off on a hot day. Fill a tub with water (one of those big plastic tubs) and let the kids have fun.

An adult should always supervise when kids are outside doing water activities. Set up a lounge chair in the shade and enjoy the outdoors.

Frozen Treats

Pick up ice pop molds at your local dollar store. You can make your own ice pops using a combination of pureed fruit and juice.

Homemade pudding also makes a delicious ice pop. If you don't have ice pop molds, small paper cups will do. Craft sticks (another dollar store find) can be used as sticks or use plastic straws that are folded to create a loop handle.

Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

  • Use window shades wisely on a hot day. Keeping the sun from heating a room is easy-just pull the blinds closed in the morning and the room will stay much cooler.

  • Designate one door to come in and out of. Using just one door will help to keep your home cooler.

  • Install ceiling fans to help get air circulating on hot days. You can avoid putting the air conditioning on when you have ceiling fans helping to cool a room.

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